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Funk Unlimited


Like many new ventures, Funk Unlimited came to Evolve Online with big ideas and limited resources. They needed a technology partner with the right skills, attitude, and experience to help them grow from a startup to a successful online retailer.

What We Did

Evolve Online created an attractive and functional eCommerce web site which started affordably yet was able to grow repidly as the company expanded and obtained greater financial resources. We handled the fron t end web site as well as credit card processing, order tracking, customer service interface, shipping interface, fulfillment center integration, financial reporting, ad tracking, and other aspects of the online retail operation.


Funk Unlimited was able to get started on a limited budget yet it was poised to expand exponentially when it obtained additional financing.

About Funk Unlimited

Funk Unlimited is a retailer of hip clothing which appeals mostly to customers in the college age group.


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