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"You all have done a great job. I am really thrilled with the end product.
Kudos to you all."
- S. A.
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Animal Behavior College


Animal Behavior College was growing rapidly but was limited by manual systems which required a great deal of time to admnister. Specifically, course material was sent out by mail, tests were returned by mail, and grading was done manually. Also, ad tracking systems were spotty so it was difficult to allocate advertising dollars effectively.

What We Did

first we built an online lead system and ad tracking systems to provide ABC with the data needed to refine and tailor its advertising strategies.

Next we built an online curriculum and testing system which allowed ABC to grow rapidly without becoming overburdened with administrative processes.


ABC was able to use its advertising dollars effectively to expand steadily and rapidly. The reduction in administrative burden enabled ABC to grow rapidly and add an additional course of study.

About Animal Behavior College

Animal Behavior College is a private vocational college which provides industry leading training for people who wish to enter a career as a dog trainer.


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