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As the makers of the Jamma Tactical Vehicle rushed to prepare for the high-profile launch of their first vehicle at a major trade show, they realized they must have a web site. It had to go from concept to completion in just 7 days.

What We Did

Within a day we set up web hosting and email for Tac-V. Working with Tac-V personnel we completed the design and construction of a full web site with a theme to complement their printed materials. We also set up a password request system and secure login area where a special Tac-V video is available to registered users.


Tac-V now has a fully functional web site which provides a professional image consistent with their product line.

Vehicle information is available to potential customers and the online video provides a detailed view of the vehicle in action.

About Tac-V

Tac-V is the manufacturer of the Jamma Tactical Vehicle, designed to meet the unique needs of military special ops teams.


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