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Shaman kayaks
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Shaman Kayaks


Accomplished native kayak craftsman John Petersen had no online presence and his artistic talent needed to be showcased in a manner befitting the beauty of his work. Questions about the strength and reliability of his kayaks and paddles remained unanswered.

John was attempting to start an annual symposium but needed a way to inform people about it and provide communication.


What We Did

We created an exceptionally beautiful web site to showcase his work. Matching the web site appearance to his tradition of native craftsmanship, we also added dramatic videos which demonstrate the reliability of his craft and their suitability for use in adverse conditions.

We also created a separate web site for the annual Traditional Arctic Kayak Symposium, which helps to keep people informed about the event and makes it easy to sign up, get directions, and learn more about what to expect at the event.



  • Shaman kayaks has gained a reputation around the world for its craftsmanship.

  • John has now built kayaks and accessories for people throughout North America and Europe.

  • John's dream of sponsoring an annual Artic Kayak Symposium is now a reality.


About Shaman Kayaks

John Petersen is an accomplished artisan and craftsman, specializing in traditional native kayaks and related implements. His beautiful and original craftsmanship is known throughout the traditional kayaking community and his reverence for native craftsmanship is legendary. He is also the organizer of the annual Traditional Artic Kayak Symposium. John is active in researching the history of native kayaks and the resurrection of long-lost kayaking skills.


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