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Steelman Tools


Steelman Tools had partnered with a marketing and design firm to create collateral material and a design for their web site. However, they needed a full product catalog and other advanced functions which the design firm could not do.

What We Did

The design firm contacted Evolve Online to host the web site, create the product database and program the Steelman web site. We used the design provided by the design company and adapted it to work seamlessly with the custom product catalog, search, and other functions.


Steelman Tools has a visually appealling web site which displays their product catalog in a favorable light. Visitors can easily find products which interest them and can easily navigate through the catalog. Steelman administrative staff can update the site and the catalog easily any time they wish through an administrative panel.

About Steelman Tools

JS PRODUCTS, Inc. (Steelman Tools) was founded in 1986 with the specific objective to develop, manufacture, market, and distribute specialty tools and equipment to the professional automotive and industrial markets.


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